Duration Of Diploma Programmes

The amount of time that is taken to complete a diploma programme purely depends on the subject you are studying. Most diploma programmes range from two week to six months to one year duration or even two and four years! For example, a creative writing diploma programme can be of one month duration whereas a diploma in animation can last for six months, whereas a post graduate diploma in management is of two years duration. Moreover the flexibility that is offered in these programmes lets you select the duration you want for studying a particular subject. Universities like IGNOU, which offers various diploma courses, allow you to choose the duration one will need to complete the course.

Diploma courses also offer various study modes which can change or alter the duration of the programme.  Today with the increasing use of the internet, online diploma programmes are mushrooming in all areas of education. These programmes can be studied at one’s own pace. Moreover, the examination for such programmes is also conducted online and can be given whenever the student feels he or she is prepared for the exams. Such courses are helping tremendously in educating the masses of India.

Many institutes in Mumbai offering various Diploma programmes are Welingkars, Narsee Monjee, the BSE stock exchange, MET Institute, Rahejas, Xaviers, EMDI, Mumbai University, NIFT, B.D. Somani, Sophia Polytechnic etc. Institutes in Delhi offering such diplomas are the Delhi School of Communication, IGNOU (has its study centers all over the country), FMS, Delhi Institute of service management, NIFT Delhi etc. Apart from these, Symbiosis and NID (National Institute of Designing) Ahmadabad are also renowned for the courses.

Some of these institutes not only offer short one or six month diplomas but also offer post graduate full time two year diplomas which hold a lot of credibility in the respective industry. A student can meet a education counselor or research in newspapers and internet to find out more about the multitude of programmes that are being made available to students.