Diploma In Travel And Tourism

The Travel and the Tourism industry is booming and this in turn has increased the demand for professionals in this industry. Due to this, diploma courses in travel and tourism is being offered by many colleges and private institutes in the country.

The IATA/UFTAA International Travel Agents Training Diploma Program, which was launched in 1972, has become a prerequisite for students wanting to enter the travel industry. The IATA course has

Some of the diploma courses available under the IATA certification are Airlines and Travel Management, Hotel Management, Cargo, Courier and Logistics Management, Certified Travel Professional Certification, Travel and Tourism on the Internet,  In-flight Training, Basic Fare Construction and Ticketing, Finishing School.

To pursue any of these diploma programmes with IATA certification, a student must successfully complete his/her secondary school or equivalent and must pass the IATA test with a thorough understanding of English, World Geography and Basic Mathematics.

Some of the tourism diplomas available in India are Post Graduate diploma in Tourism management (PGDTM), Post Graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism Industry Management (PGDTTIM), Diploma in Destination Management (DDM), Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism (PGDT), Post Graduate Diploma in Airlines and Post Graduate Diploma in Cargo operation and Management.

Some of the institutes offering diploma in travel and tourism are Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism, New Delhi, National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hyderabad, Oxford Educational Institute, Bangalore, Srinivas College of Hotel Management, Bangalore, College of Hotel Management, Mangalore, IGNOU, New Delhi etc.

Colleges in Mumbai offering diploma in this sector are:

  • Diploma in Air Hostess, Flight Purser Grooming, Diploma in Cargo and Flight Forwarding and Diploma in Airline Travel and Tourism – Oyster Institute of Management, Mumbai
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management – Sophia Polytechnic Mumbai
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Issues in Tourism and Travel – Garware Institute of Career Education and Development, Mumbai
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management – Mumbai University
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management – SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai

Post Graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai