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Diploma In Health And Nutrition

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” -La Rochefoucauld

Health and nutrition are interesting areas where students learn about various types of foods, their nutritional values, healthy food, diet food, what are nutrients, what are their types, how they are needed by human body etc.

Like the quote above says, to consume the right amount of nutrition at the right time is indeed an art! A student of health and nutrition indeed learns and pursues this art! As more and more people are becoming health conscious, there is an increasing demand for health experts, nutritionists, fitness guides, dieticians etc. A diploma in Health and Nutrition teaches you all that one needs to become a professional in this industry.

Not just that, the aim of this diploma is also promote awareness about health and its related concepts amongst the economical backward classes.  Promoting healthy living amongst all the sections of society is one of the responsibilities that health and nutrition professionals share. Modern lifestyle, stress, junk food, pollution and other factors are affecting health adversely. A diploma in health and nutrition can help people deal with such problems. People who do not want to make a career in this industry can also pursue this diploma simply to learn the art of healthy living and become more aware of one’s own body and the food that one should consume.

These diplomas are made available in many colleges in different study modes such as part time, full time, online diploma and distance learning diploma. IGNOU is one such college that offers a diploma in health and nutrition in the distance learning mode of education. Students get the related material to study from home.

Some of the subjects taught under this diploma are basics of Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Proper diets,  Eating disorders, Sports Nutrition, Functioning of the Skeletal System, Basics of Respiratory system, Muscular system, managing personal health, Sports Nutrition, Stress Management etc.

Once a student has completed his or her diploma in this sector there are immense opportunities that are available in the industry. Students can also work as nutrition experts with companies that manufacture or process food/ edible products.