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Diploma In Engineering

There are thousands of students who want to take up engineering after their school. However, since the seats are limited in a usual engineering degree college, these students prefer taking up a diploma course in engineering. The duration of the diploma course in engineering is three years. This diploma can be pursued after the tenth standard or the twelfth standard.

A diploma in engineering teaches a student all the fundamental concepts of engineering, all specialized fields such as electrical engineering, electronics engineering, civil engineering, and computer and IT engineering.   A diploma in engineering is an extremely professional course where students can choose their specializations and pursue their career interest. Once the students earn their diplomas, they can take up a job in the engineering field.

Another advantage of a diploma in engineering is that students can a get chance to enter into the degree college in the second year. Many students take up this diploma for the same. In the second year of Degree College a few percentage of seats are reserved for diploma students depending on the diploma that a student has selected.  Hence this diploma is also referred to as ‘backdoor to degree engineering’.

Engineering board exams are conducted once or twice a year in this diploma course depending on which semester pattern does the institute follow.

After the student completes the third year of a diploma course successfully, he or she can seek admission to the second year of the degree course depending on their performance in the final exams of the diploma course. A centralized admission process then follows and depending on the rank that a student gets, he or she is allowed to choose the college that he /she wished to attend.

Thus all engineering aspirants can take up a diploma course in this field and become the future engineers of the country.