The increasing popularity of diploma programmes is evident from the number of students that apply for such courses. Diploma courses have not just helped the students but the industry as well. These programmes have been acting as a bridge to connect students and the professionals that the industry needs today. College education may be insufficient to meet the skills required in the business hence the advent of short diploma courses that teach you and equip you with necessary skill set needed at the jobs today.

Today, almost all the colleges have started offering diploma programmes in multitude sectors like management, healthcare, fashion, travel, medicine, media, communications, computers, hardware etc. Diploma programmes are also made available in various educational modes like part-time diploma courses, distance learning diploma courses, online diploma courses and so on. One can also imagine a day when diploma programmes will be made available on your mobile!

From the many institutes that offer diploma programmes, IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is one such institute situated in Delhi that conducts these diploma programmes in distance learning mode through its various study centres located in different parts of the country. Apart from these many other state universities have also started offering diploma programmes.

To take an example, a graduate in commerce may have studied communication as a single subject but to get into the media industry, a diploma in communication or a diploma in journalism can help to a great extent. Diploma programmes have also been useful to students who cannot or do not wish to spend too much money on their education. Students from rural areas also take up short diploma courses which help them to take up a job. Diploma courses on home interiors, repairing electronic items, organizing an event, taking up social service etc are also conducted by various small institutes. Thus diploma programmes have greatly benefitted the students, the industry and the colleges.